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MV Tutorials

How to add simple custom commands on title screen?


1. Download MogHunter Master Demo to acquire sample materials and original plugin. Don’t forget to check his “Terms.”

Hello everyone,

Today will be my first tutorial, and I will explain to you how to get the following result (default MV resolution):

We will only change the appearance of the “Commands.” Instead of a window, you will have pictures.

These following pictures are necessary for this tutorial (most of them are from MogHunter master demo):

– 1 picture (your title screen)
– 3 separate pictures for “Commands.”
– 1 Logo picture (name it “Title”)
– 1 picture for the cursor
– MogHunter’s plugin > MOG_TitlePictureCom.js


You need to keep the same name of the pictures even if you make your own except for your “Title screen.” The plugin recognizes which image to use by their default names only!

Copy Paste (or drag and drop) the following files into your game folders:
– Picture of your Title screen > img > title1
– Commands pictures > img > title2
– Title > img > title2
– Cursor > img > title2
– MOG_TitlePictureCom.js > js > plugins

Activate your:
– Title screen in the “Database.”
– Plugin in the “Plugin manager” (it will automatically change the window into pictures)

Save and test. We will let everything by default in the plugin, for now, to see how it looks like.

All right, everything is working as it should!

I will try to make/find later a tutorial about how to manipulate the X and Y Axis more easily instead of guessing the coordinates or use PhotoShop.

If you don’t want the logo (img > title2 > “Title”) you can turn it off

If you don’t want the cursor (img > title2 > “Cursor”) you can turn it off