Website update: Knowledge base added and Glossary for Yanfly’s plugins

Once upon a time in 2019, an idiot embarked on a titanic quest to share knowledge buried on Discord: Lunatic server. It was originally created by Yanfly and later it was maintained by a community of Rpg Maker fans. That idiot is me.

I really thought it was a pity that all this knowledge shared among members was still kept deep in the server. Therefore, I started to compile the information on Google spreadsheets: CHECK IT OUT

Unfortunately, over time, I realized that using it is neither practical nor feasible, and search engines have not cited it. This defeats the purpose of my pursuit, that is, to allow most people to obtain this knowledge!

For this reason, now by 2020, I have chosen to use an integrated knowledge base on my website: CHECK IT OUT (Google spreadsheet transfer to this new address is in progress)

However, when I collected information, one thing continued to bother me. I often wondered which plugin members were talking about! (I saw the question and read the answer, it was just code).

Since then, I got a smart glossary (at least hopefully), which will provide tooltips for any words stored in its catalog: CHECK IT OUT (Thus, I hope, it will help to find more easely the plugin mentionned in the code of the fans)

Anyway, this is a project that I started in 2019 and gave up due to health problems. Now that I am better, I hope all of these will satisfy you and help you.