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Diagonal movement plugins list


Some plugins might not work because they were made before 1.6.0 update of Rpg Maker Mv. That update changed a lot the core codes so much that lot of coders quit because it was going to be a pain to update their plugins. Yet, I still recommend them because there’s no substitute.

Name: 8 Directions graphics
Author: orcomarcio
Language: english


1 – insert “8dir” in the name of the file (wherever you want)
2 – put the 4 diagonal graphics right below the normal cross movement graphics, just as they where an another character
3 – be sure the diagonal movement graphics are facing directions in this order: South-West, NW, SE, NE
4 – choose either both top(normal) and bottom(diagonal) graphic sheet for the character, the code accounts for it
5 – if you want a cahracter to face a diagonal direction during, for example, a set-mouve-route, just call “this.setDirection(direction_id)” via script.
if you want to know which id(number) stands for which direction just look at your numpad and imagine the character instead of the “5” key

Name: Diagonal movement
Author: Galv
Language: english


Adds diagonal movement for the player using the keyboard and also optionally using the mouse.
Includes an option to use diagonal charactersets to show diagonal sprites (for those who wish to use them).


Name: Diagonam movement
Author: Victor
Language: english


This plugin allows you to setup diagonal movement for the player and events. It’s compatible with mouse click movement. You can define a sprite for the diagonal movement and trigger events diagonally.

Name: Eight Directional Movement
Author: HimeWorks
Language: english


By default, the game only allows you to move in the four orthogonal directions: up, left, down, right.
This script provides support for eight-directional movement in your game, adding support for diagonal movement. To move diagonally, hold down two direction keys simultaneously.
This script also adds support for eight-directional character sprites, allowing you to face the appropriate direction when you are moving diagonally.

Source of the diagonal sprite: