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10 New Tips And Tricks By Fans Added To The Knowledge Base! (serie 3)

Some of these codes are from 2017, some of them may no longer work due to Rpg Maker Mv or Yanfly plugin updates. All the questions below were taken directly from Discord’s members, don’t blame me for the grammar or syntax, lol

  1. A spell adding a state which, each turn drains some Hp from the user while adding a great ATK/AGI buff.
  2. Is it possible to make items that change what happens when you critical hit?
  3. If an enemy is killed while in a state, the character who killed it will get 20% damage from the final attack as HP
  4. The state-holder gets hit with an attack of any element listed, then they switch to the state that represents “attunement” with that element
  5. When use a skill that need “charge” to be cast, all other skills are locked.
  6. I have a skill that can only be used if there’s at least one ally alive in battle and in a different row than the user
  7. Skill has a higher multiplier if the state is present, and ALSO remove said state.
  8. Raise DEF as the player gets hit more and more before their turn
  9. “Support attack” to be dealt by a party member on the affected enemy, whenever a ally attacks
  10. A skill that as a cost uses 5% of every active party member’s HP, except the user

I would like to thank the members of the Lunatic on Discord server: Fernyfer, Trihan, MiraiKo, GloopMaster, InVictor, Zarsla, PaintedNecroz, 435THz.