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10 New Tips And Tricks By Fans (Serie 4)

Such codes are from 2017, some of which may no longer function due to Rpg Maker Mv or Yanfly plugin updates. Futhermore, all of the questions below were taken directly from Discord members, don’t blame me for the grammar or syntax, lol.

  1. May I know what’s the user’s variable or how to get the actor to change hp using script?
  2. Is there any method or function to wait until the animation ends before going down the code?
  3. Does anyone know if the addState(x) function checks state resistance or not?
  4. Is there a way to make it so an enemy with a state is guaranteed to get hit, if it’s attacked, no matter what?
  5. Do you want an ability that restores HP and MP to the user based on the damage they do? Do you want that amount to DOUBLE if it’s a killing blow?
  6. Is there a way to apply an effect if a skill defeats the opponent?
  7. That will set it to the element rate for the ally with thorns on it
  8. Any way to have a character’s sv_actor sprite to be semi-transparent whenever its afflicted by a state?
  9. A spell adding a state which, each turn drains some Hp from the user while adding a great ATK/AGI buff.
  10. Is it possible to make items that change what happens when you critical hit?

I would like to thank the members of the Lunatic on Discord server: Vigiliance, InVictor, GloopMaster, Fernyfer, Trihan, Ramza.