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10 New Tips And Tricks By Fans (Serie 5)

These codes are from 2017, some of which may cease to work due to various changes to Rpg Maker Mv or Yanfly plugins. Note that, all of the questions below were taken directly from Discord members, don’t blame me for the grammar or syntax, lol.

  1. Is there a way to make a skill only appear on the learnable list if a certain weapon is equipped?
  2. How would i make it to where certain items would drop only if a character was equipped with a certain skill AND the enemy had the aforementioned “bounty” state.
  3. How to drop extra item by an enemy when it’s effected by a state?
  4. If an actor is afflicted with a state, is there a way to make it so they lose x, y and z skills, and instead get a, b and c, but can’t have a, b and c added unless x, y and z were removed, with x coressponding to a, y to b, ect.
  5. Is there a way to make it so when you regen Mana over your max, it adds that to TP instead?
  6. This is a state that, on the fifth skill cast, raise the damage of that skill by 50%.
  7. Do you want an ability that adds a state causing the enemy to take bonus damage!?
  8. I need a passive state to appear only if the user has the specific armor equipped.
  9. Does anyone know how to make a HP, MP or TP Bank, which an enemy or actor can sacrifice some HP, MP or TP, and be able to take it back later, or have an ally take it back?
  10. I wanted to give one of my characters a unique type of TP (“Ammunition”) that’d start in battle at full and decrease as he uses either a basic attack

I would like to thank the members of the Lunatic on Discord server: Trihan, Fernyfer, TacticianDaraen, santadonut, MiraiKo, Rusty_Scissors & Drifty.