I started to learn programming with SoloLearn – update 1


It has been a while since I didn’t post an update about my journey of become a coder. At the moment, I consider my level to be that of a kindergarten student, where I am learning to read and write code, and this stage is quite discouraging from my point of view.

The main reason is that you need to learn vocabulary as you read a dictionary. There is a definition, and there is practically no context. Where school books try to avoid boring students with a ludic and pedagogical approach.

So people will tell you: practice what you learned so you will get used to the vocabulary… which is kinda overwhelming for me who just know barely know how to read the language, lol

Anyway, I will try to writes notes and organize them while following some videos tutorials. They say the best way to know if you understood something is to try to explain it so I will share my notes in the future on my website.

So far I only checked one tutorial about Rpg Maker Mv, it was quite noob friendly:

I watched till episode 3, then my notes started to look super messy!

Today, I tried another tutorial but I felt it was too advanced for me: I will come back to it later.