Day 0 – Learning Javascript for Rpg Maker MV (journey of a noob)

  1. Requirement: take basic courses to learn about HTML and CSS.

The reason is simple, you need to get familiar of the syntax of code so you will know when it begins and when it ends. I did it on SoloLearn :

I personally read through JavaScript courses, too, but it was really getting confusing towards the end, and I decided that I needed some practice instead of reading an endless “dictionnary”.

It helped me to fel less loss and I choose it because it has a web and app version so I was able to study on the go whenever I wanted and the lessons are really short. Bonus, the comment section is full of usefull infos for beginners and it’s where I read that before trying Javascript it would be better to tackle HTML and CSS first.

Of course, you’re free to choose where you will learn the basics, here’s some examples:

2) Get a code editor, the one which is used in most tutorials is Visual Studio Code.

  • Download a plugin for Visual Code Studio:  a linter (some kind of grammar checker but for code)
  • Download Kino Intellisense scripts (some kind of code whisperer for Rpg Maker MV)

3) Pace yourself

I’m not a bookworm, just like anyone else, it’s hard for me to commit to studying time. So I was trying to find a solution, and one that works for me is a time-bound method.

It helps to see and realize that when I feel a little bored when I study that not even 5-10 minutes have passed, so I can say to myself, “Come on dude, at least hang on for 15 more minutes before you get a break!”

Of course, it’s not going to make me study every day, but at least when I do it, I can see how long I’ve been doing it and suck it up for the rest of the time before I can take a break.