Misc MV Plugins

Rpg Maker MV: Main menu plugins list


Some plugins might not work because they were made before 1.6.0 update of Rpg Maker Mv. That update changed a lot the core codes so much that lot of coders quit because it was going to be a pain to update their plugins. Yet, I still recommend them because there’s no substitute.

These plugins change only the main menu screen if you are looking for more than that please scroll down at the end of the page for the “Bonus” section.

Name: ALT Menu 3
Author: Yoji Ojima
Language: English

You can found this plugin in your Steam DLC folder : Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\dlc\KadokawaPlugins


Name: 13 ALT Menus
Author: SRDude
Language: English

Scroll down his plugins list to fin the ones dedicated to the menu.


Name: Bust menu
Author: Galv
Language: English

Display the main menu differently to use bust images. Included are settings to customize the position of the actor’s data and how many actors appear on the menu. Added exp bar.


Name: Single Actor menu (Requires Steam)
Author: Ventiqu
Language: English

If you want to make game where you control just one character, check this out.


Name: Monogatari
Author: Moghunter
Language: Portuguese (Google translate is your friend)

Overhaul of the base menu, you can customize it to some extend (like replacing the pictures).

Name: Luna Engine (PAID)
Authors: Archeia & Yami
Language: English

This is for advanced users who wants to fully customize the appearance of their menus plugins.
It requires patience to read through the manual and edit the code.