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Menu MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ: main menu plugins list

Discover different plugins which change the layout of your main menu!

Name: AltMenuScreen
Author: Yoji Ojima
Language: English

It puts the commands on the top and the status on the bottom.
You can found this plugin in your DLC folder.

Name: AltMenuScreen2MZ
Author: Sasuke Kannazuki
Language: English

You can found this plugin in your DLC folder.

  • It can set the portrait graphic at each actor (If you don’t set the picture, it displays actor’s face grapic instead)
  • It can set the background image for each scene on menu (Put background image file at img/pictures) If you don’t set the picture, the scene’ background become either transparent or display default window.
  • You can change the number of visible actors by option.
  • You can select whether to display parameters or not.
  • When you display the parameter, you can select to display TP or not.
  • You can display the current map name (option).

Name: VisuMZ_1_MainMenuCore
Author: VisuStella
Language: English

Plugin is in the demo, there is no separate download for free plugins of this author.

  • Control over general Main Menu settings.
  • The ability to set Menu Background Portraits for individual actors.
  • Flexibility in changing which commands appear in the Main Menu.
  • Add new windows like the Playtime Window and Variable windows.
  • Change the style of how the windows are arranged in the Main Menu.
  • Change the way the status list is displayed and the way it’s displayed.