Battle System MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ : battle addons (fluff) plugins

You never know when you need it but when you use it you can’t live without it plugin’s list. Plugin: SVActorPositionMZ (Find it in your Rpg Maker Mz DLC file)Author: Sasuke KannazukiLanguage: English This plugin enables to change the positions of sideview actors. Akea Battle Perspective by Raizen Make easy battle perspectives with it, you […]

Misc MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ: Parallax plugins list

Parallax mapping, what’s that? It’s a technique for advanced users who are familiar with an “image editor”. You can either build a photo montage of a map from scratch or enhance it (overlay mapping) and then import it in Rpg Maker MZ and setup it with the help of the following plugins. Name: Gabe MZ – Fog […]

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Menu MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ: main menu plugins list

Discover different plugins which change the layout of your main menu! Name: AltMenuScreenAuthor: Yoji OjimaLanguage: English It puts the commands on the top and the status on the bottom.You can found this plugin in your DLC folder. Name: AltMenuScreen2MZAuthor: Sasuke KannazukiLanguage: English You can found this plugin in your DLC folder. It can set the […]


Rpg Maker MZ is out!

The new RPG Maker for PC has been released! The following link contains: Presentation of the product Link to buy either on Steam or on the english official website Link to a demo of the software You are a new user who is not sure if you want to buy it or try the demo? […]


I am back

Hi, everyone How are you? I am sorry I didn’t continue to work on the website during these past few weeks but my health problemsand heat waves drained all my energy. I am feeling better so I’ll be able to share my findings on #rpgmaker with you again very soon. Stay safe everyone!


Closing down Patreon

Hi everyone, I regret to inform you that due to health problems, I am reducing my computer activities but I will continue to work on my website when I can. On the other hand, I am closing down some Patreon because I will not be able to ensure the regular distribution of my freebies as […]


Day 1 – Learning Javascript for Rpg Maker MV (journey of a noob)

Summary Presentation of the debugging console and the general structure of the core plugins of Rpg Maker MV. 1) Debug console (F8) allows you to access multiple in-game information such as scene or object and modify them as you wish. [2:38]  This is the main reason why I choose this author, he is one of […]


Day 0 – Learning Javascript for Rpg Maker MV (journey of a noob)

Requirement: take basic courses to learn about HTML and CSS. The reason is simple, you need to get familiar of the syntax of code so you will know when it begins and when it ends. I did it on SoloLearn : I personally read through JavaScript courses, too, but it was really getting […]