Day 1 – Learning Javascript for Rpg Maker MV (journey of a noob)

Summary Presentation of the debugging console and the general structure of the core plugins of Rpg Maker MV. 1) Debug console (F8) allows you to access multiple in-game information such as scene or object and modify them as you wish. [2:38]  This is the main reason why I choose this author, he is one of […]


Day 0 – Learning Javascript for Rpg Maker MV (journey of a noob)

Requirement: take basic courses to learn about HTML and CSS. The reason is simple, you need to get familiar of the syntax of code so you will know when it begins and when it ends. I did it on SoloLearn : I personally read through JavaScript courses, too, but it was really getting […]

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I started to learn programming with SoloLearn.

I had wanted to learn how to code for several years but I never had the courage to do it. What finally got me going was that I finally found a learning model that suits me. SoloLearn is simple but straightforward. The reason why I learned CSS is because many coders on the internet advise […]