Website update: plans for March 2019

Hello everyone, Sorry for the lack of news I will avoid boring you with my private life since it will just sound like an excuse for my lack of activity on the website. Plans for this month: – Continue to search and share resources (graphics, plugin, games, and tutorials) – Continue my personal tutorial about […]

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Plugin Help Viewer

Author: BranicLanguage: englishLink: rpgmakerweb Infos: I got tired of dropping out of what I was doing, opening the Plugin Manager, then a Plugin, browsing the help documentation, and finally drilling back down into what I was originally working on. And since I couldn’t find any tool for that … I created one It’s designed to […]


Website update: meet virtual assistant Miku!

Do you ever wonder why when you have a simple question about an article, you have to go through a contact form or else you have to search for your answer in an FAQ? I won’t even talk about sites where you have to go through 2 to 3 pages before you can contact them. […]