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Bust graphic plugins list

Tired of using small portraits, but want to use large portraits? Then you are in the right place!

Name: MV Message Busts
Author: Galv
Language: english


This plugin can show a bust image instead of the face image that was chosen in a ‘Show Text’ event command. Settings are included to choose where busts will display and plugin commands allow you to move the bust right/left, mirror it or disable it to show face graphics.

Can also change bust mid message and now display face or bust according to party member position or leader face position. This could be useful for displaying emotions for the leader’s face.


Name: Animated busts
Author: Astfgl66
Language: english


This small plugin was made to handle animated busts, but can be generalized to make picture based animations.


  • Create picture based animations and synchronize them to the message window, for easy speaking animations.
  • Any number of frames supported.
  • Customizable frame rate.
  • For out of message use: set the number of times the animation runs before pausing, or the time in between animation loops.
  • Text codes to set, start, synchronize and pause animations directly from within the message window.


Name: Visual Novel Busts
Author: Atelier Irina
Language: english


Some plugins might not work because they were made before 1.6.1 update of Rpg Maker Mv. That update changed a lot the core codes so much that lot of coders quit because it was going to be a pain to update their plugins. Yet, I still recommend them because there’s no substitute.


This plugin adds bust support to RPG Maker MV’s message system. You can control all bust functions from either the Show Text event command itself or through Script Calls. This plugin supports one bust on the Message Window and ten other busts on the screen behind it.

 Busts can move, fade in and out, change opacity, slide in and out, mirror themselves, change scale, and have tones applied to them. While some of these options can be done through Show Picture event commands, having too many pictures on the screen can cause performance dips. By making busts separate sprites from pictures, there are less issues, too.