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Featured games of the week #1

So many things happened while I was away, so many things to catch up on, including your Rpg maker projects! So I decided to share my discoveries with you, I hope you will appreciate them as much as I do.

[NEW INABA GAME TRANSLATED!]Title: The Investigation Files of Assistant Arimura &The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba…

Gepostet von RPG Maker Horror Games am Freitag, 8. November 2019

Title: Phileas’s Mirror
Developer: Kenetec
Language: english


“Loic is a very normal young urbanite: a job, a girlfriend, a loan for his apartment, friends, …
His life seems all mapped out.
However, he sometimes wonders if he is satisfied of all this.
It is in this circumstances that a strange character, Phileas, will come into his life and make him discover new perspectives on his daily routine.”

Title: Vertigo
Developer: Moretto
Language: french


Gustav, pressed by events that the player will discover throughout the story, organizes his flight from the capital and embarks on an old hull towards the Far North, where, he is sure, freedom and oblivion await him.
In the course of his encounters the past will reappear and perhaps catch up with him.