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“Whosoever is acknowledged by the elves will receive the power to change the world.” These are the words of a forgotten legend… 

Light Elf, forebringer of life, and Dark Elf, embodiment of corruption. Two powers struggled, rose, and fell. They finally found a balance and formed the world of today, known as the Continent of Elwes.

The Continent of Elwes is a land divided between Abyss Empire, Landar Kingdom, and many other nations.

Three years ago, Abyss Empire, the most powerful nation on the continent, started a series of wars, intending to bring the whole continent under its control,

Overwhelmed by the military power of Abyss Empire, nations bent their knees one after another, subjecting themselves to the yoke of their conqueror. Not long after, the only powers that could stand up to Abyss Empire were Landar Kingdom and a few other remaining factions.

However, the ruler of Abyss Empire, Abyss III, seems to have greater ambitions…

By chance, a village boy named Ire meets Byin and his friend Leed, who is blessed by the Light Elf. Leed and Byin have learned that King Abyss’ source of power comes from the Dark Elf. To keep the world from being consumed by the dark power, they set out to find a way to seal the Dark Elf. Desiring to leave the village since he was a young boy, Ire grabs the chance of a life time and begins a journey to save the world with Leed and Byin.

Command a large number of troops and battle your enemies. 

12 main characters and 40+ classes allow players to create unique avatars.
Multiple battle scenarios. Players can approach each level with different strategies and playing styles.
Multiple possible endings. Player choices affect the final ending.



Mostly videos of RPG Maker games. Be sure to read the rest of this description. After Capella’s Promise, my videos now contain important events as well as bosses. If you plan on fully watching the videos, be sure you’ve already bought and played the game up to the point of the video, or made a geas to buy the game in the future. If you have to, write down in your will that part of your assets will be used to buy whatever games you viewed gameplay for. Even if the game is freeware, it’s best if you play it anyways because more players means more bug reports and feedback to help the developer perfect their project.

Developer: Maker製造機
  • Genre: S-RPG, fantasy
  • Languages: english, japenese, traditional chinese
  • State: complete (free)
  • Length: 10-30+ hours