Battle System MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ : battle addons (fluff) plugins

You never know when you need it but when you use it you can’t live without it plugin’s list. Plugin: SVActorPositionMZ (Find it in your Rpg Maker Mz DLC file)Author: Sasuke KannazukiLanguage: English This plugin enables to change the positions of sideview actors. Akea Battle Perspective by Raizen Plugin: INV TrackTroopAuthor: IqusLanguage: English This plugin […]

Misc MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ: Parallax plugins list

Parallax mapping, what’s that? It’s a technique for advanced users who are familiar with an “image editor”. You can either build a photo montage of a map from scratch or enhance it (overlay mapping) and then import it in Rpg Maker MZ and setup it with the help of the following plugins. Name: Gabe MZ – Fog […]

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Menu MZ Plugins

Rpg Maker MZ: main menu plugins list

Discover different plugins which change the layout of your main menu! Name: AltMenuScreenAuthor: Yoji OjimaLanguage: English It puts the commands on the top and the status on the bottom.You can found this plugin in your DLC folder. Name: AltMenuScreen2MZAuthor: Sasuke KannazukiLanguage: English You can found this plugin in your DLC folder. It can set the […]

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Misc MV Plugins

Quest journal plugins list

5 plugins made by 5 different authors about the same system, each have their own flavor. Author : gameusguyusLanguage : englishLink : | Mirror Features Simple UI to keep track of quests with some customization options Friendly commands to track/complete/fail/reset/count/progress quests Auto rewards upon quest completion (optional) Quest categories (optional) Full blown quest editor […]

MV Plugins Utilities

Plugin Help Viewer

I’m tired of quitting what I’m doing, first open the plug-in manager, then open the plug-in, browse the help documentation, and finally go back to my original scope of work. And because I could n’t find any tools, I created one.