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Author: BranicLanguage: englishLink: rpgmakerweb Infos: I got tired of dropping out of what I was doing, opening the Plugin Manager, then a Plugin, browsing the help documentation, and finally drilling back down into what I was originally working on. And since I couldn’t find any tool for that … I created one It’s designed to […]

Misc Plugins

Simple passability plugin

Author: TonbiLanguage: englishLink: rpgmakerweb Info: this plugin adds features to the “tileset editor” like being able to go behind a fence or a tree. By default, you will need to use an event to cover the part that will hide your character even after editing the passability in the “tileset editor.” For more details, please check […]

Plugins Utilities

Refresh plugin manager

Author: biud436Language: englishLink: Infos: This plugin allows you to enable or disable plugin of your choice while in “playtest” mode. Otherwise, you will have to do it through the “plugin manager” by quitting and restarting the game. For more details, please visit the link above.