Website update: meet virtual assistant Miku!

Do you ever wonder why when you have a simple question about an article, you have to go through a contact form or else you have to search for your answer in an FAQ? I won’t even talk about sites where you have to go through 2 to 3 pages before you can contact them.

In addition to video game creation software, it is often necessary to depend on the community but people move on, and over time the answers get lost on the internet.

Which is the reason why I decided to rely on a virtual assistant so the answers I find for you won’t get buried easily? No, they will be right there on the dedicated page of the article you will read, and if it is not you can suggest it to me (through the bot or on twitter), and I will update Miku.

In case you didn’t notice it already, you can found the bot at the bottom right of your screen 🙂 Keep in mind, all the website and including the virtual assistant are WIP, please be kind to me.